Empowering your worship experience through pro audio, visual and lighting design.

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We empower churches to create exceptional worship experiences.

TSH Audio & Visual is a full service audio/visual and lighting company passionate about churches and the people they serve. We’ve partnered with churches of all sizes across the country since 2014. When you work with our experienced team, you’ll discover what makes us different. We’re knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about creating experiences that connect people to Christ.

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We’re a full service audio/visual and lighting company empowering churches to create exceptional worship experiences.

Audio design and engineering is at the core of TSH Audio & Visual. We look at every aspect of your space, from room acoustics, rigging and the balance between the message and music. We understand that no two rooms are the same and design an audio system that fits your space. We provide acoustical design and training so you never skip a beat.

Video is a powerful storyteller. When it comes to designing the right video system, there are an infinite amount of choices. At TSH Audio & Visual, our team members are trained to craft design solutions precisely engineered to our your vision.

From a single spot on performer to a full blown concert level lighting rig, all lighting lends itself to the experience. We design lighting systems that evoke excitement and emotion. We offer cutting-edge lighting solutions that are intuitive and ready to go from day one. Our designers use 3D modeling software to capture your vision.

Creating inspiring spaces requires the thoughtful balance of creative design and scientific engineering. Our expertise offers clients the assurance of a stable foundation that will support your unique worship experience. We use precision design tools to create the most comprehensive plan for audio, visual and lighting systems.

Before the gadgets and gear, we get to know you and your goals. 


One size doesn’t fit all. We’re about the details and  take into account all the facets that make your space unique. From there, we use the latest technology to design an audio, visual and lighting system that fits your culture and your budget.


With decades of professional experience, our team will properly and professionally set up the equipment. We ensure that everything is technically up to snuff and is ready to go on launch day.


We empower your staff and volunteer teams with specialized training on audio, video and lighting equipment. After our training, your people will feel ready and confident to create a memorable worship experience.

Let’s take your worship experience to the next level.

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